Work Health and Safety

Auditing, review, design and implementation of WHS management systems

Having a safety management system for your business (that works) is not just a legal requirement, it’s important for the health and safety of all of your employees, workers and visitors. ACES Group have extensive experience in the auditing, review, design and implementation of Work Health and Safety (WHS) management systems for varying sizes of operations and styles of business.

Designing a Work Health and Safety (WHS) management system needn’t be complicated, we provide written plans and solutions that are easily understood. Our Work Health and Safety (WHS) management plans are aligned with AS/NZS 4804:2001 and backed up by our ongoing support, advice and training packages.

Our comprehensive safety management systems are written to align with relevant legislation, codes of practice and the applicable Australian Standards. Our safety management systems will ensure you are operating safely, and when integrated with Induct Online it will be simpler, smarter and more sustainable.

We have 25 years operational risk and safety experience that can assist our clients in the following areas:


WHS Management Systems

Design and implementation


WHS induction systems

Induct Online


WHS compliance systems

Contractor management


WHS/OHS auditing

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