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ACES is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) providing vocationally relevant workplace training solutions via AFFIRM Training for events, venues, recreational, construction and facilities management workplaces.

As a specialist Registered Training Organisation (RTO) focusing on national qualifications (and courses) that deliver practical outcomes for industry workplaces, our training is customised by industry experts. With an inherent understanding of the way our client workplaces operate, we can readily recommend tailored training solutions and incorporate actual workplace projects into assessment activities. Courses offer access to renowned industry practitioners.

Our consultation service will determine optimum training outcomes for your individual stakeholders and organisation. Using our unique SkillBuilder we can recommend draft competency mapped training solutions and facilitate a program integrating your specifications (policies, procedures, systems).

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ACES Group programs are offered on a routine calendar basis. Please  read all the relevant course documentation and ensure that you have a Unique Student Identification (USI) number before enroling in training that is nationally recognised. All persons wanting to complete any nationally recognised courses must by law hold a USI number. By having a USI you will be able to access your training records and results (or transcript) whenever you need them. Your USI can be accessed online from your computer, tablet or smart phone and gives you access to your training records and results at your fingertips.

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  • Employer Satisfaction 94% 94%
  • Learner Satisfaction 88% 88%

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